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A Hundred Thousand Welcomes to The Land of the Young

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In Irish mythology Tir na n'Og is heaven, an island to the west, where you go after death and stay young forever.  In real life it is 12.5 acres of rolling North East Iowa farmland located in Clayton County.  A remnant of one of the oldest farms in the township, the farmstead has been occupied and farmed since 1858.  I took over in 2003 and have been producing naturally grown vegetables ever since.

During the growing season (late-April through October) I have a variety fresh produce for sale directly off the farm, at the Friday Night Live market in Marquette, IA every Friday throughout the summer To check what is available direct from Tir na n'Og check the Produce Available link to the left.

It has been quite a while since I updated the web page, and much has changed. The Highland cattle are gone; it was becoming too difficult for me to maintain them alone. I've replaced cattle with sheep, and hope to offer lamb for sale beginning in Spring 2016. I've had to scale back my vegetable production and no longer grow for GROWN Locally. This move will allow me to concentrate more on quality than quantity.

Take some time to browse around the farm in the Photo Gallery, read about the history of the farm, and how the produce I sell is grown and handled.


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